Engineering & computing career fair

Calvin coordinates an annual Engineering and Computing Career Fair. Contact Laurie Lemmen for more information.

  • See our handout for information about how to succeed at a career fair.

Engineering résumé book

Each year, the Career Center publishes a résumé book of senior engineering students, which is distributed to over 200 companies that employ engineers. Employers use the résumé book to pre-select candidates for on-campus interviews or to contact students directly regarding job openings.

Resources for creating an effective résumé:

Fall engineering résumé deadlines

Sept. 14 Career Center presentation in senior design class
Need help with writing your résumé? Come to walk-in hours, weekdays from 3:30–4:30 at the Career Center.
Sept. 18 First draft of résumé due (on Moodle)
Sept. 25 Critiqued résumés returned to students via email
Oct. 2 2nd draft résumé in MS Word format due via email to Meredith Segur (Last names: A-K) or Laurie Lemmen (Last names: L-Z) with "engineering résumé" in the subject line
Oct. 9 Critiqued 2nd drafts e-mailed back to students
Oct. 12 Final résumé due, must be uploaded to CalvinLink