Get included in the Teacher List for Employers (for grads of this academic year only)

Enter your information online to be included. School administrators refer to this list frequently when looking for people to fill positions at their schools. This is a valuable job searching tool for you! We update it as students report their jobs.

If school administrators contact you regarding job openings at their schools, please reply out of courtesy even if you're not interested in the position.

Credential Files

Since 2016, credential files are self-managed by students. We encourage students to include the following:

  1. Two or three recommendations:
    • one employer
    • one professor (from any class you have taken—not just education)
    • pastor recommendation or someone who knows your spiritual walk (optional, but encouraged if you'd like to teach in a Christian school)
  2. Your résumé
  3. Your transcript (from Center for Student Success) and your final student teaching internship evaluations (both by your supervisor and mentor teacher, from Education Department)

Requesting Recommendations

Request your recommendations thoughtfully. When requesting recommendations, ask the prospective recommender if they can give you a glowing letter. If they cannot, ask someone else.

Sending Credential Files

Starting with students graduating in 2016, education students will maintain and send their own credential files. There are many options for sending a credential file. For example, students can send documents as an email attachment, upload them to Google Drive and send a link to share access with administrators, put them in a portfolio on LinkedIn, or create a portfolio website using a site such as

For students who graduated before 2016, our office can still send your credential file. Unless you specifically ask in writing to not to have your credential file distributed to employers, we will distribute the information to prospective employers who request it. Even if you do not submit your personal data sheet or recommendations, your credential file will include your student teaching internship evaluations.

Want your credential file sent to a school? Fill out the credential file request form. You can also use this form to request that access to your credential file be sent to your email address. Be sure to save the documents you are given to access your file in the future.

Your credential file will be stored and distributed to employers upon request by our office for five years.


See our handout created Especially for Teachers.