Figuring out where to go to graduate school and how to apply can be a daunting process. Let us guide you through the process.

Should I go to graduate school?

Graduate school may be a good idea for you if:

  • Graduate school is necessary to attain your career goals.
  • Graduate school would broaden your skills in ways that other certification and workshops would not.
  • The cost benefits are worth the financial investment.
  • You have had internship experiences in the field to support your interest in this career.
  • You are highly motivated and desire responsibility; you enjoy and perform well in an academic environment.

Graduate school may not be a good idea if:

  • You are trying to postpone a career decision or avoid employment.
  • You are responding to outside pressures from peers, family or faculty.
  • Graduate school seems like a "safe" alternative to looking for a job.
  • You are expecting to make more money or be assured job security from a graduate school degree.

Other Resources

Other places to investigate for graduate school information include the honors program office, your academic department, the Calvin campus store, local bookstores and online graduate school resources.