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Apply to join a team of students dedicated to walk alongside their peers in the dorms as they seek God. As a Barnabas team member, you will serve as a spiritual friend to the people on your floor, initiate Bible studies and help plan dorm worship. As you serve in this role, you will be equipped, encouraged, and mentored in your own faith and leadership skills by your residence director (RD), a campus ministries intern and the associate chaplain for residence life.

Matt Postma

Matt Postma

Discipleship Pastor
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The 2019-20 Barnabas Team


  • Luke Norvell
  • Andrew Prezioso
  • Benjamin Bontrager
  • Michelle Ferdinands
  • Carissa Kubat
  • Ben Gritter - Discipleship Assistant


  • Greg Dobson
  • Levi Yakuber
  • Amanda Norman
  • Maria Poortenga
  • Emma Gordon
  • Chelsea Veldkamp - Discipleship Assistant


  • Andrew Baker
  • Evan Emmi
  • Nate Broek
  • Kaia Hurley
  • Kaitlyn Wilson
  • Sophie Rossi
  • Kimberly Bolhuis - Discipleship Assistant

Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken

  • Hanna Klaasen
  • Olivia Stallmer
  • James Webb
  • Sidney Tonkin
  • Mia Kurkechian
  • Grant Mensonides - Discipleship Assistant

Noordewier-Vander Werp

  • Allison Apol
  • Emmily LaRue
  • Kirsten Drost
  • Zach Thor
  • Ben DeVries
  • Anne Vanderwell - Discipleship Assistant

Rooks-Van Dellen

  • Haley Weesies
  • Katelyn Mazzola
  • Alexis Sanders
  • Tyler Warners
  • Aaron Admiraal
  • Josh Moro
  • Lillian Spackman - Discipleship Assistant


  • Ryan Bouwkamp
  • Andrew Vander Tuig
  • George Du Laney
  • Alexa Fenchak
  • Maddie Lenning
  • Amy Wagenmaker
  • Hannah Cockrill - Discipleship Assistant