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Apply to join a team of students dedicated to walk alongside their peers in the dorms as they seek God. As a Barnabas team member, you will serve as a spiritual friend to the people on your floor, initiate Bible studies and help plan dorm worship. As you serve in this role, you will be equipped, encouraged, and mentored in your own faith and leadership skills by your residence director (RD), a campus ministries intern and the associate chaplain for residence life.

Matt Postma

Matt Postma

Discipleship Pastor
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The 2020-21 Barnabas Team


  • Grace Anne Rosbury
  • Brianna Jansen
  • Kipp De Man
  • Kevin Secundino
  • Joey Tuttle
  • Kaitlyn Wilson - Discipleship Assistant


  • Brooke Adelman
  • Jenna Vos
  • Elijah Faith
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Abby Brower - Discipleship Assistant


  • Emma Search
  • Grace Rheinheimer
  • Matt VanZeelt
  • David Arkema
  • Matt Clark
  • Kimberly Bolhuis - Discipleship Assistant

Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken

  • Lydia Walls
  • Skylar Kenneally
  • Adelyn Roush
  • Jack Rogers
  • Jeffery Amidon
  • Clare Doss
  • Ellie Jones
  • Will Van Zoest
  • Tucker Besch - Discipleship Assistant

Noordewier-Vander Werp

  • Anna Song
  • Paige Brodeur
  • Natalie Sytsma
  • Conner Brown
  • Josiah Eising
  • Anne Vanderwell - Discipleship Assistant

Rooks-Van Dellen


  • Abby Walter
  • Ashlyn Franklin
  • Tianna Lor
  • Karolyn McCabe
  • Jackson Schut
  • Trace Rutman
  • Evan Hsu
  • Andrew Vander Tuig - Discipleship Assistant