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Apply to join a team of over 45 students dedicated to walk alongside their peers in the dorms as they seek God. As a Barnabas team member, you will serve as a spiritual friend to the people on your floor, initiate Bible studies and help plan dorm worship. As you serve in this role, you will be equipped, encouraged and mentored in your own faith and leadership skills by your residence director (RD), a campus ministries intern and the associate chaplain for residence life.

Matt Postma

Matt Postma

Associate Chaplain for Residence Life
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The 2016-17 Barnabas Team


  • Campus Ministries Intern: Chris Bouma
  • Juan Miranda
  • Miles Mason
  • Natalie Knapp
  • Janelle Apol
  • Christina Ribbens
  • Kelsey Norman


  • Campus Ministries Intern: Hannah Ryou Lee
  • Jacob Baylor
  • Austin Geelhoed
  • David Rexford
  • Janelle Bellamy
  • Adrienne Tauscheck
  • Jacki Laurell


  • Campus Ministries Intern: Bailey Sarver
  • Joseph Mellinger
  • Nick Kuyers
  • Shelby Waterson
  • Elise Schroeder
  • Allyson Wierenga
  • Alexia White

Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken

  • Campus Ministries Intern: Laura de Jong
  • Madison Tissue
  • Silas Kukaewkasem
  • John Jun
  • Alex Vander Tuig
  • Cora Bruxvoort
  • Montana Mason
  • Elise Greidanus

Noordewier-Vander Werp

  • Campus Ministries Intern: Brendan Omiciolli
  • Shannon Stewart
  • Hae In Kim
  • Justine Rauch
  • Jacob Moose
  • Caleb Meyer
  • James Jeninga
  • Sean Brouwer

Rooks-Van Dellen

  • Campus Ministries Intern: Michael Weller
  • Hannah Fakhoury
  • Rebekah Shoemaker
  • Hannah La Joye
  • Dillon Pfau
  • Nathan Schanck
  • Rady Boehm
  • Megan Moreland


  • Campus Ministries Intern: Anthony Vander Schaaf
  • Kenneth Smith
  • Quentin Baker
  • Mason Witte
  • Alex Lyons
  • Katy Hulst
  • Julie Horton
  • Nouna Matrivi