Kelly Adamovicz

Graduation year: 2022
Hometown: Saline, Michigan
Major: Environmental Studies with a French Minor

Kelly began singing in a choral setting during middle school, and has continued pursuing musical experiences since then. She attributes her early interest in vocal performance to the influence of her sister’s soulful style of singing. During High School she was a part of various aCapella groups, as well as the Concert and Chamber Choir. Though Kelly has only led worship a few times, she knows that God has provided this opportunity so He can draw her closer to Him and be glorified. She is excited to experience God’s presence through the planning and leading of worship services. Kelly also loves to eat dark chocolate, hammock, watch Pride and Prejudice, speak French, and spend quality time with friends.


Liz Canfield

Graduation year: 2022
Hometown: Western Springs, Illinois
Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology

Liz’s passion for music began when she started singing in church choir when she was three years old. From there, this love only grew through high school and into college. She has been loving finding opportunities at Calvin to use these gifts and passions to glorify God—through leading worship or singing in choir. When she's not singing, Liz is probably reading, dancing, or jamming out to show tunes. She is so excited to learn more about worship and about God through this position in the fall!


Andrew Deters

Graduation year: 2022
Hometown: Hudsonville, Michigan
Major: Film and Media (Production)

Andrew grew up going to church and participating in worship, but didn’t fully realize his passion for worship and music until his freshman year of high school. After a youth group mission trip to Belize, Andrew knew he wanted to play guitar and sing; and now this is what he is doing today. In high school, he played guitar in his youth group worship band and at Calvin he has had the opportunity to serve by playing guitar for a chapel team, as well as playing guitar and singing for dorm worship. When Andrew is not studying, he loves to play guitar, sing, write songs, be outside, hang out with friends, watch movies, go to concerts, and skateboard around campus. His passion for worship and music has encouraged him to step into this leadership position, and he is grateful and excited to be a part of a team of fellow students who share a passion for worship. He is looking forward to growing and strengthening his relationship with Christ and his passion for worship and music.


Lauren Holwerda

Graduation year: 2022
Hometown: Hudsonville, Michigan
Major: Secondary English Education

Lauren has loved music since she started piano in grade 3. She was always singing something, playing piano and writing songs. Since then she has competed in piano and vocal competitions, and been a part of various choirs and musicals. She led worship at her high school and sang on a praise team at church, but didn’t realize her passion for worship leading until last year with YWAM, where she got to experience Pacific Island worship. She is very excited to pour into worship at Calvin and encounter God in new ways through being an apprentice. Aside from making music, you can find Lauren running, playing sports, and getting coffee with friends.


Judah Manoraj

Graduation year: 2022
Hometown:Doha, Qatar

Judah’s interest in music started out when he was really young. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, he was always surrounded by worship music, and quickly grew to like it. He used to sing along with the many worship CDs his parents had lying at home. At the age of six, he started taking piano lessons. Progressing quickly, he also began flute lessons, and was involved in the school band. It was at the age of 15 when he led worship for the first time at church. Since then, he has been an active worship leader, putting his singing and piano playing to good use. He later joined the school’s youth band, where he had the privilege of leading worship for other students. He is thrilled to be able to serve as a WA and impact the Calvin community in this way. In his free time, Judah enjoys singing and playing video games, as well as newer hobbies such as cooking and baking


Plinio Rosales Lopez

Graduation year: 2022
Hometown: Guatemala
Major:Chemical Engineering and Theology

Plinio discovered his passion for music at a young age at his local church in his home country, Guatemala. He started to learn piano and guitar by watching YouTube videos, and then applying everything he learned to serve in worship at his church. Plinio studied in a Christian school since he was three years old, and this, combined with the instruction of his parents, made him passionate about serving and worshipping God. He used to lead worship by participating in his local church almost every Sunday by playing Piano or Bass. At Calvin, he has had the privilege to serve as a vocalist in choirs and in chapel and also playing the piano in Jazz Band. Plinio is more than excited to follow God’s call in being a Worship Apprentice and continue his passion for worshipping. When Plinio is not singing, playing music or doing engineering homework, he likes to play basketball and to read.


Denny Tawas

Graduation year: 2022
Hometown:Bali, Indonesia
Major: Finance and Economics

Denny discovered his love for music when he was 11 where he took his first drum lessons. From there on, he continued to learn other music instruments such as the guitar, bass, and saxophone. Although he loves every style of music, praise and worship have always been a key interest for Denny. While learning and deepening his knowledge on the different instruments, Denny also played guitar and drums for his home church team. He took his passion to serve God through music all the way from Indonesia to Calvin’s chapel team where he played the guitar. Other than that, Denny loves to spend an afternoon hanging out with friends and catching up with them over a cup of coffee. He also loves playing volleyball with his intramural team and spending some time taking pictures with his camera.