Brian Bolton

Graduation year: 2018
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Major: Saxophone Performance

Brian discovered his love for music at the young age of 6. Growing up in the Church, he realized early on the power worship holds in one’s life. He dove into every musical opportunity that was given to him, ranging from the youth choir at his church, to picking up the Saxophone. Brian’s hobbies include random jam sessions, playing piano mediocrely, uKnighted, performing on Saxophone, and taco tasting. Brian is beyond excited to be a Worship Apprentice. This position offers so many opportunities for growth within faith and creates lasting relationships. Plus, it’s now acceptable for him to utilize his collection of “WA” puns.


Joyce Chew

Graduation year: 2020
Hometown: Brea, California
Major: Mathematics

Joyce began playing piano when she was five years old, catapulting her into a life of richly varied experiences with music. She first served on her youth worship team in middle school by playing drums, and a few years later, she started playing keyboard for her team. Joyce plans to continue her mathematics studies at graduate school, though she hasn’t yet decided between a career in research or industry. In her free time, she enjoys knitting and crocheting socks, watching cooking videos, and reading recreational math books.


Rowan Corcoran

Graduation year: 2019
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Major: Philosophy

Rowan’s first real passion for music performance came in his sophomore year of high school when he joined a vocal jazz ensemble. He has always had a passion for music; however, and attends just about every concert he can. Rowan first put this love for music into the context of worship his senior year of high school when he started going to Creston CRC. This church provided him with the opportunity to use his gifts and passions to serve the Lord and the community. This is exactly what Rowan is most excited for this upcoming year: the opportunity to serve the Lord in such a bright and flourishing Calvin community. Some other interests of Rowan’s are playing tennis, rock climbing, and hanging out with his two wonderful nephews.


Nathan LeFebre

Graduation year: 2020
Hometown: Hudsonville, Michigan
Major: Psychology

Nate’s first experience leading worship came late in middle school when he first played acoustic guitar in church. After finding his musical voice in the electric guitar, he began playing on his church’s worship team frequently and played on various high school worship teams. He continues to play in church and chapel and looks forward to serving as a Worship Apprentice. After Calvin, Nate hopes to pursue a graduate degree in psychology and secure a position as a clinical psychologist. In his free time, Nate likes to tinker with guitar gear, golf, travel, listen to music, and spend time with friends.


Moses Park

Graduation year: 2018
Hometown: Yorba Linda, California
Major: Nursing

Moses began on the worship team in 7th grade by playing electric guitar. He then moved on to lead worship for the youth ministry in 9th grade with singing and playing acoustic guitar until he came to Calvin College in 2013. He grew up with both traditional and contemporary styles of worship in a Korean-American church that had both Korean-speaking worship and English-speaking worship. His interests in worship are to learn different styles of worship that come from various denominations, countries, and cultures, as well as to learn how to focus on the main aspect of worshipping within all of the different styles. He also hopes to grow in leadership and care for his fellow worship apprentices, leaders, and team. He hopes to be a leader who is able to not only focus on the music and leadership aspects of worship, but to mainly focus on worshipping God and remembering what worship is truly about.


Amanda Potthast

Graduation year: 2020
Hometown: Crystal Lake, Illinois
Major: Speech Pathology

Amanda’s love of music began as child in church choir, piano lessons, and musical theatre. Over the past year, she has been able to combine her passion for music and her love of Christ, serving on a worship team at Calvin. When she’s not sleeping or studying, Amanda can be found drinking a good cup of coffee, exploring Grand Rapids, or baking adorable cupcakes. In the future, she hopes to travel the world, bringing music, language, and the love of Jesus Christ to those in need. She looks forward to growing in her faith and serving her Calvin community as a Worship Apprentice this year.


Garrett Strpko

Graduation year: 2020
Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
Major: Film and Media

Garrett has always had a profound love for all things musical, which led him to join the choir in middle school. Soon after, he began helping to lead worship in weekly chapels and eventually at his home church. When his other great passion for filmmaking lead him to study Film at Calvin, Garrett was blessed to be able to serve as a member of the Gospel Worship team. He is now eager to grow in his relationship with God and knowledge of Worship as a Worship Apprentice. When not playing or listening to music, Garrett is most likely watching or directing a film of some kind.


Nicole Vandenbrink

Graduation year: 2020
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Major: Psychology

Nicole has always had a passion for singing, but never enjoyed choir or vocal performance. Stumbling upon worship leading at her high school was unexpectedly where she felt her talents being called to. God has been at work stretching and challenging Nicole in her faith journey over these past few years, and the opportunity to be a part of the worship apprentice program this year is yet just another example of God’s behind-the-scenes work being brought to the forefront. Nicole looks forward to the opportunity to lead her fellow students in embracing our amazing Father every day this year. When outside of the chapel, Nicole’s voice can be heard from across campus (literally), or you can find her in Calvin’s theatre department, swing dancing on Tuesday nights, or chasing down people’s dogs so she can love them. Her favourite quote: “Life is your ministry” – anonymous.