Josiah Enos

Graduation year: 2020
Hometown: Warwick, Rhode Island
Major: Political Science

Josiah's interest in music started as a child in church, as he felt drawn to the guitar and piano. Through piano, guitar and vocal lessons, he was able to begin to tap into his love for music and worship. At Calvin, Josiah has had the opportunity to serve as a vocalist on a chapel team as well as singing in the choirs that Calvin offers. Aside from his studies and music, Josiah can be found playing soccer or hanging out with friends. One of his favorite pastimes is visiting and exploring the many coffee shops in Grand Rapids. In the years to come, he hopes to continue to explore music and to serve others in the realm of politics. Josiah is beyond excited to serve the community at Calvin College as a worship apprentice.


Carlos Lemagne

Graduation year: 2020
Hometown: Jaguey Grande, Matanzas, Cuba
Major: Music and Business, with a Ministry Leadership Minor

Carlos grew up in a family that did not know anything about music. None of them played instruments or sang. He did not have any musical education at school either. No choir, no band, no lessons of any type. The only thing they had at school were guitars that only a few knew how to play. It was not until the age of 12 when Carlos first went to church that he realized his passion for music. Church was full of instruments and all people sang along to hymns and praise. At the age of 16 he joined the praise band at church and served for over a year. There, his passion for worship music started to grow, and it has grown so much that now he is pursuing music and worship in his undergraduate studies. Carlos is super excited to be a WA. He is looking forward to leading worship with the amazing Calvin community, and to see how God will shape him as he learns more about this ministry. Carlos really, really loves to sing (harmonies are a gift from God), and enjoys playing the flute and the piano as well. He also loves salsa dancing and food.


Emily Myers

Graduation year: 2020
Hometown: Dripping Springs, Texas
Major: Nursing

Emily discovered her passion for music at age 3 in the little town of Dripping Springs, Texas, with her favorite artists being Blue Man Group, Enya, and the Wiggles. This grew into leading worship with her youth group in 7th grade, joining a choir in 8th, and starting her learning journey with an acoustic guitar at age 13, all of which continued through high school and into college. Now she's a singer, actor, writer, caregiver, movie enthusiast, and wanna-be swing dancer with eclectic interests at every part of the spectrum. Hobbies include but are not limited to: reading for hours on end, watching multiple movies in a day, sewing, writing, film acting, music, horseback riding and talking way too much and way too fast. This year is a break from her prolific theater career as she returns to her roots as a worship leader, hoping to reawaken and nourish a dormant passion. She is studying nursing at Calvin, and hopes to take a job as a labor and delivery nurse at a local GR hospital, making sure to leave room for film projects, community theater and plenty of movie marathon time.


Grace Ong

Graduation year: 2021
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Major: Pre-Occupational Therapy

Grace’s love for music took off when she began to write songs at 13 years of age. Later, she discovered her passion for worship music when she joined the worship team at church. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to use her gifts to serve God. She is excited to continue doing so and hopes to deepen her faith through her role as a Worship Apprentice. When Grace is not jamming out to music, she is most likely knitting, dancing or hanging out with friends.


Stephanie Rietveld

Graduation year: 2019
Hometown: Crown Point, Indiana
Major: Speech Pathology and Spanish

Stephanie has loved music since she began playing piano at age 6. Since then, she has been involved in orchestras, bands, chamber ensembles, and choirs. She began incorporating music into worship quite young, playing violin for offertories in church services. She also has been involved in a church choir and youth group band. She is looking forward to continuing to serve in this regard as a Worship Apprentice, and she is excited about the many opportunities it offers for spiritual growth. Stephanie is heading into Calvin’s speech pathology graduate program in the fall. In her free time, she can be found learning new languages, making dinner for family and friends, and line dancing.


Saara Spitzer

Graduation year: 2021
Hometown: Palatine, Illinois
Major: Secondary Mathematics Education

Saara’s passion for music began on her first birthday when she was enrolled in her first music class; from there, the rest is history. Though voice is her primary instrument, she dabbles in the piano, the violin, and the occasional recorder. Saara plans to combine her love for music and mathematics in the classroom, where she hopes to connect the two topics. She has always wanted to help lead worship and is beyond excited to serve as a Worship Apprentice for the Calvin College community.