Help Joust see the world!

Campus is quiet as students, faculty, and staff practice safe social distancing, but that means Joust has gotten pretty bored and lonely.

Will you help him see the world?

It’s simple! Download and print the Joust coloring sheet, color as you please (be creative!), and then post a picture of you and Joust along with your location to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Include the hashtags #WhereIsJoust #KnightNation and #CalvinAlumni, and tag five fellow alumni inviting them to join you in this challenge!

BONUS: Email along with your current address and we’ll send you a Calvin sticker once we’re back in the office.

Not sure what to say when you tag your friends? Here’s a sample:

Here’s my son and Joust in Grand Rapids, MI! #WhereIsJoust #KnightNation #CalvinAlumni @friend @friend @friend @friend @friend Joust has gotten bored and lonely with the students away from campus. Will you help him see the world? Visit for details!


Download the Joust coloring sheet