Student Opportunities

Science Crossing Boundaries

Summer Research Opportunities

Calvin has an extensive program of summer research for science students. Many of these projects are interdisciplinary in nature.

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Academic-year Research Opportunities

We have a smaller number of academic-year research positions for students, many funded by our HHMI grant and targeted for students working on interdisciplinary projects. Combine summer and academic-year positions for a 12- or 15-month research experience.

Intro Bio Sequence with Research on Bacteriaphage Genomes 

Calvin College has been selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to be one of 36 schools nationwide to participate in a new science education initiative. In this program, 20-24 first year Calvin students make real scientific discoveries by doing research on bacterial viruses, called phage, during a two-semester introductory biology sequence led by biology professors Randall DeJong and John Wertz.

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CS 106: Introduction to Scientific Computing and Modeling

In 2009, Calvin introduced a new course to introduce computing as a tool for science, emphasizing programming as a methodology for problem solving, quantitative data analysis, and simulation in science and mathematics. This includes in silico modeling of natural phenomena; precise specification of a problem; design of its algorithmic solution; testing, debugging, and maintaining software; using scripting to increase scientific productivity; and the use of existing scientific software libraries. A secondary emphasis is the discussion of breadth topics, including historical, theoretical, ethical and biblical perspectives on computing as a discipline. This course provides an alternative to Computer Science 108, providing an introduction to computing focusing on scientific examples and applications. Currently, this course uses the Python programming language.  Meets the information technology core requirement.

Scientific Computation and Modeling Minor

This minor is intended for students who want to integrate computation and science in their program.

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NSF Scientific Computing Scholarships

Through a grant from the National Science Foundation, Calvin is able to award scholarships to students interested in combining science and computation in their academic program.

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