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SC11 Tentative Schedule

Generally, the day will be divided into 4 sessions (two before lunch and two after).  In the first part of the week, instructors will present content and lead hands-on activities introducing participants to concepts and tools for computational biology.  The second half of the week will include break-out sessions that go into more depth on topics of interest to the participants as well as ample time for participants to work on projects of their own choosing.

We begin with an evening session on Sunday and end with lunch on Saturday.  On the other days, sessions will run approximately 9-10:30, 10:45-12:15, 1:15-3:00, and 3:30-5:00.


  • Computational Biology:  Introduction and Resources

This session will take place in the Hickory Room at the Prince Conference Center beginning at 5:30 with cheese and crackers and introductions.  Dinner will be at 7:00 with an introduction to Computational Biology to follow.


  • Dynamic Modeling in Biology
  • Model Fitting and Elaboration
  • Intro to R: Statistics, Data Analysis, Graphics, and Resampling
  • Intro to Bioinformatics: Canonical Sequence Analysis


  • Genome Scale Analysis: Mauve Multi-Genome Alignment
  • Structure and Visualization: VMD
  • Population Genetics of Antibiotic Resistance
  • Modeling with Databases: CellDesigner


  • Resources: Tools, Lessons, Models, Texts, ...
  • Research Triangle Institute focus group:  The point of the focus group is to solicit input from interested faculty with regard to their use of computational modeling in the classroom, and how they would like to use modeling in their classroom.
  • Afternoon and evening open for recreational activities, naps, etc.

Thursday - Friday

  • Time to work on projects of the participants own choosing
  • Break-out sessions: We will schedule additional content sessions on topics of interest to the participants.  These will be scheduled as needed.


  • Presentation of projects
  • Workshop wrap-up