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Science Crossing Boundaries

In 2009, Calvin College received an award from the National Science Foundation to provide over $500,000 in scholarships over four years to undergraduate students pursuing scientific computation (the integration of computation and science). Scholarships ranged from $4000 to $8000 per year and were renewable during the grant period if recipients continued to meet the eligibility criteria. The first of these scholarships were awarded in 2009-2010. 

We have applied for another NSF grant and should learn in March whether we have funding to award new scholarships for the 2013-14 academic year.  Although we do not have final approval for this funding, we are optimistic, and we have opened up scholarship applications for the 2014-15 academic year with a deadline of February 28, 2014 .  

To be eligible for an NSF Scientific Computing Scholarship, a student must

  • demonstrate an interest in scientific computation and modeling (majoring in computer science is not required -- see details below), and make good progress toward a degree that supports this interest,
  • be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen,
  • enroll as a full-time student at Calvin next year,
  • demonstrate academic potential or ability, and
  • demonstrate financial need as defined by the FAFSA.

How do I apply?

There are separate procedures for in-coming students (currently in high school or transfering to Calvin in the fall) and for current Calvin students.

High school and transfer students

Apply using our new online application form.  Our new system will require that you first create an account, then select the appropriate scholarship (NSF Scientific Computing).  You can save your work at any time and come back any time before the deadline to make changes. 

Don't have time just now?  Get started on your application and enter the information for the teacher who will be doing a recommendation for you.  You can come back later to finish your applicaiton.  Once you submit the information about your recommender, we can send your recommender email with instructions.

Questions: Send email to isri@calvin.edu

Current Calvin students

If you have a science major, you should see the NSF Scientific Computing Scholarship listed when you fill out your scholarship applications in KnightVision this year. If you did not apply during the KnightVision application period, send us an email at isri@calvin.edu.

What sort of academic program must I pursue?

Scholarship recipients must pursue an academic program that combines computation and science. Possible programs include

  • A major in one of the sciences or mathematics and a minor in scientific computation and modeling,
  • A major in computer science or information systems and a minor or major in a science with a clear plan to integrate science and computing via course projects, research experiences, or similar.
  • A BCS degree in computer science (which requires additional science cognates), and a clear plan to integrate science and computing via course projects, research experiences, or similar.

Other options may be possible, but all programs will require students to take courses in both computer science and the natural sciences and to participate in projects which combine skills in both areas.

Are there any other requirements?

Student receiving scholarships are required to provide biographical and academic information each semester and to keep us informed about any changes in their academic program.  We are required to provide this information to the NSF in order to maintain our grant.   Failure to comply with reporting requests is grounds for losing the scholarship.


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