Opportunities for High School Students

Science Crossing Boundaries

Are you a high school student interested in science?  Check out some of the opportunities for you at Calvin.

Summer Research

Want to do research with Calvin faculty and students?  Calvin has a limited number of positions available for high school students to spend a few weeks working in a Calvin science lab this summer.  If you are interested, email us at isri@calvin.edu telling us about your science background, indicating the sorts of science you are interested in, and providing us with the name, email address, and phone number of at least one science teacher familiar with your work .  Be sure to include contact information so we can get in touch with you.

Research-Focused Introduction to Biology

  • What if you could discover and name a new species?
  • What if your discovery shed new light on health and the environment?
  • What if this research would take the place of your regular biology courses?
  • And what if you could do this all in your first year of college?

Well, thanks to a prestigious grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, all this is now possible at Calvin College.  [Read More..]

NSF Scientific Computing Scholarships

Seniors interested in science and computation can apply for Scientific Computing Scholarships frunded by a grant from the National Science foundation.  Several grants of $4000-$8000 will be awarded for 2011-12 and for 2012-13.

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Fridays @ Calvin

Come visit campus and find out what science at Calvin is like first hand.  Meet faculty, see the labs, talk to students, stay in the dorms -- it's the best way to see if Calvin is the place for you.

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