Rangeela Committee

Rangeela Committee

Rangeela Committee Positions


  • Helps select committee members.
  • Builds community so that Rangeela Committee members feel part of a team.
  • Responsible for overall vision and planning of the show.
  • Consults regularly with Assistant Dean of International Students.
  • Sets up regular meetings with the Assistant Dean of International Students and Rangeela Committee.
  • Leads meetings and delegates responsibilities.
  • Ultimately responsible to make sure that everything is done.

Qualifications for Rangeela Director

  • Junior or Senior in 2016-17
  • Served on Rangeela Committee or as an Act Leader
  • International citizenship or significant international background

Committee Member

  • Helps plan and implement every aspect of the Rangeela show.
  • Meets regularly with the Rangeela director and Assistant Dean of International Students.
  • Has skills which can supprt the show such as: attention to detail, organizational prowess, creativity, ability to design posters or T-shirts, knowledge of video production, sensitivity to aesthetics, financial expertise, or ability to motivate and persuade others.
  • Attends every rehearsal and show.