About Us

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A bit about our students and services

Who are Calvin’s international students?

Calvin has over 400 students on student visas, 60 permanent residents, and over 100 American citizens who have lived much of their lives abroad, all from over 50 countries. While Calvin has international students from all over the world, the largest groups are from Korea, Canada, and Ghana with significant numbers from China, Nigeria, India, SE Asia, and Central America. Included in this group are many American and Korean “third culture kids” who have grown up in more than one culture.

Who serves international students and where are they located?

The International Student Development Office is part of the Student Development Office in the Commons Annex. It is staffed by Linda Bosch, Assistant Dean of International Student Development, and Esther Kwak, International Student Counselor/Program Coordinator. Other offices also serve international students. Jo Cooper, the Immigration Coordinator, is in the Admissions Office in the Spoelhof Center. Grace Amuzie, who teaches English writing to international students and does academic counseling, is part of Academic Services also in the Spoelhof Center.

In what ways does the International Student Development Office try to support international students?

  • Helps them find a community here where they can feel at home.
  • Helps them transition well to the American culture.
  • Encourages them to engage & interact well with their American counterparts.
  • Prepares them to serve in our world once they leave this place.