Application and Costs

Any Calvin student with the following characteristics may apply for Project Neighborhood:

  1. Interest in and commitment to transparent Christian community living, urban living, and anti-racism
  2. Willingness to exercise gifts of creativity, hospitality, and service
  3. Possesses general understanding of Calvin 's campus environment
  4. Demonstrates confidence and maturity in interpersonal relationships
  5. Strives to manifest Christian commitment in thought, word, and deed
  6. Maintains full-time student status at Calvin and fulfills the college's eligibility requirements for participation in campus activities as reflected in the Student Handbook

In addition, experience has taught us that substantial commitments outside of the Project Neighborhood Community are not recommended. Students are asked to limit employment and co-curricular activities. The expectation is that students will commit at least 12 hours per week to intentional Christian community and its responsibilities.


The charge for living in the house will be $255 per month (for nine months), which includes all utilities except personal long distance calls. Shared food expenses are not covered in the charge. A certain amount of "program" expenses will be covered with this fee.

Application Process

Students may apply individually or in groups. Please note on your application who you are applying with. We welcome friend groups considering living together in PN.

Applications for Project Neighborhood must be submitted in the late fall or early spring. Watch student news for a specific deadline. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a Project Neighborhood Progressive Dinner held during both fall and spring semesters. The progressive has proven to be an effect introduction to the PN program, the houses, and the mentors who facilitate community in each house.

Completed applications will include two recommendation forms. Recommendation forms do not have to accompany individual applications. However, applicants are responsible for contacting two references and your ensuring that their recommendation forms arrive prior to the interview.

Each applicant for Project Neighborhood will sign up for a twenty minute interview after they have submitted their completed application. These interviews will be scheduled for the first week of March and will be conducted by current residents and mentors, and may be recorded for reference by the selection committee. All applicants will be notified of their status by mid-March.

A special meeting of all accepted applicants will be held in early spring to help determine house placements for the Fall. Watch student news for this date to be announced.