Housing Options

Housing options at Calvin

Unique opportunities await

Housing at Calvin can provide both a common, shared experience for all students, as well as unique opportunities along the way. Use the resources below to find out more about all our options, as you explore the places you will call home while at Calvin. Compare all our options using our housing comparison chart.


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First and second-year housing

Residence halls

Our classic residence halls provide the space and community for you to thrive, in both living and learning. These are the homes for the majority of first and second year students.

Important dates for returning sophomores

  • Room draw survey active from March 1 to April 5
  • Specific hall room draw April 18 at 9:30 p.m. in the residence hall basements on the women’s side
  • All hall room draw, April 20, 9:30 p.m. in the Meeter Center

Residence Hall Living-learning communities

Three communities in van Reken Hall and one community in Timmer Hall (BHT).

Floors include: Grassroots, Honors, Outdoor Recreation/Creation Care and Wellness.

Important dates for returning sophomores

  • vanReken/Wellness applications due March 4
  • Decisions announced April 6

Upperclass housing

Alliance housing (apartments)

Alliance housing is an intentional living-learning community for student-athletes and any other students who are seeking to live an active lifestyle. Alliance is located in the Rho and Tau apartment buildings on the east end of Knollcrest East.

Important dates

  • Applications available November 15
  • Applications due December 4 with interviews following
  • Decisions will be announced February 19

Knollcrest East apartments

Calvin apartments

The Knollcrest East apartments at Calvin provide style options for juniors and seniors, where you can continue the benefits of living in community with other students.

Important dates

  • Applications due March 7
  • Apartment selection is March 24 in the Commons Lecture hall at 4 p.m.


Beyond the Calvin’s on-campus residency expectation for first and second year students, our students often benefit from the option to live off campus in the city of Grand Rapids.

Project Neighborhood (PN)

Project Neighborhood (PN) is an off-campus housing option for sophomores, juniors and seniors. A select, co-ed group of students live together in a PN house with mentors.

Important dates

  • First round PN applications were due Friday, October 30
  • Interviews are November 2–4. Decisions will be announced November 16
  • Second round of PN applications are due February 22 with interview following
  • Announcement date has not been set

Upperclass Timmer floors

Timmer Upperclass floors provide juniors and seniors with a sense of community with their peers, while also enjoying the amenities of the residence hall.

Important dates

  • Applications due March 7
  • Timmer room selection will be March 31 in the Meeter Center Lecture Hall at 4 p.m.

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