Research opportunities

Because of its exclusive focus on undergraduate students, Calvin College is able to offer research opportunities unavailable at many larger universities. As a highly-motivated student in The Calvin Honors Program, you will have priority access to these opportunities to work alongside professors on real research projects. 

While research happens throughout the year at Calvin, over 90 research fellowships are open during the summer. As a research fellow in the sciences or in the humanities, you will be able to work alongside experienced Calvin professors and gain skills to prepare you for grad school or a career. 

Explore summer research programs

McGregor Summer Research Fellowships are for highly-motivated students in the humanities. Up to 15 fellowships are awarded each year for summer research. 

Summer Science Research Fellowships are for students in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science and psychology. Over 80 fellowships are awarded each year for summer research. 

Watch this video about a summer research team that studied Great Lakes waterbirds:

Researching Great Lakes waterbirds from Calvin College on Vimeo.