Henry Ford Museum Trip

March 9th had a small group from the Honors Fellows traveling to Detroit to visit the Henry Ford museum. The group toured the museum, enjoyed lunch together, and viewed "Space Junk" in the museum's IMAX theatre. 

 HF Detroit Trip


Dinner with President Michael Le Roy

On October 25th, the Honors Fellows students had the honor of dining with Calvin College's new president, Dr. Michael Le Roy. The evening began with a lecture on religion and politics in the U.S. from Professor Kevin den Dulk from the Political Science department. Students then walked to DeWit manor where they enjoyed an evening of fellowship with their peers and Dr. Le Roy. There are more pictures on our Facebook page

LeRoy HF Dinner



On the 28th of September, the Honors Fellows gathered on Calvin's campus for dinner and a short lecture by Professor Mandy Cano Villalobos, Assistant Professor of Art and Art History. Following dinner, students traveled to downtown Grand Rapids for a guided tour by Professor Mandy Cano Villalobos. See the complete set of pictures on our Facebook Page!