Honors Courses

A program with options

Over 600 students participate in The Calvin Honors Program in some way. Participation in the program is flexible and based upon your level of engagement with its offerings. You can choose to do honors work in one or two courses or fulfill the requirements to graduate with honors distinction. Learn more about the ways you can earn honors credit.

Getting into the program

The Calvin Honors Program is open to students of all majors and class levels.

  • Incoming students are invited to participate if they indicate interest in the program on Calvin's application for admission and fit a certain academic profile. Students invited to participate in the program will typically have an ACT score of 28 or higher (1310 SAT) or Canadian high school average marks of 91% or higher. Even if you don't meet these criteria, you are encouraged to apply based on your solid academic record and strong self-motivation.
  • Current Calvin students who have a GPA of at least 3.3 are also eligible for the program.

Learn more about admission to The Calvin Honors Program.

Progressing in the program

To remain in the Honors Program, students must take at least one honors course per year and maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 during their first two years, 3.4 during their junior year, and 3.5 during their senior year. In recent years about 500 students have been active in the program annually. Approximately 25 faculty members in 12 disciplines offer honors courses each year, and many more agree to work with students on individual honors contracts.

Students of high motivation with lower test scores may still apply to the Director or the professor of any honors course for permission to participate. If approached by such students, faculty members should take into account the student’s academic record, evidence of strong motivation, and the specific demands of the course. The Director will screen initial class rosters for ineligible students and inform the instructors, but the final decision whether to allow any student to remain in an honors class rests with each professor.

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