Health Services
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Medical Services

From acne and asthma, to influenza and indigestion, Calvin College Health Services is here to help students maintain optimal health. Our clinicians, including medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses, will treat most college health concerns. When specialty care is needed, you may be referred to a local specialist. All current students are eligible to use our caring and confidential services for their health care needs.

Health Services provides confidential support, empathy, advocacy, and a safe space to those impacted by gender based violence such as sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, and stalking.

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking, please know that it was not your fault and that support and resources are available. You can meet with the one of our providers to get information about options without initiating a formal report. Health Services professionals have the privilege of maintaining confidentiality except in extreme cases of immediacy of threat or abuse of a minor. Our office has been designated a confidential resource who offer support, advocacy, and referrals in the Grand Rapids community.

To visit with a clinician, Schedule an Appointment.

ADHD Services

As part of our commitment to Calvin College students, collaborative efforts have been established with a variety of services on campus (Broene Counseling Center, Student Academic Services, Disability Services), to provide ongoing assessment and monitoring for students diagnosed with ADHD. With appropriate management it is our goal to prevent and reduce the possibility of misuse/abuse of psychostimulant medications on our campus. Please click below for Health Services’ policy regarding ADHD evaluation and treatment.

ADHD policy »

Allergy Shots

Students who regularly receive allergy injections can continue to receive injections while at Calvin College. The first injection must be given in the allergist office. Students should bring their allergy serum to Health Services along with detailed instructions and allergy injection schedule signed by their allergy care provider. The allergy serum can be stored at Health Services. A college physician must be present when injections are administered, so appointments are required. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their insurance provider to verify that allergy services received at Calvin are covered under their plan.

Please click here for more information.

Dental Care

Several dental offices are located within a short distance of Calvin College and provide services to Calvin students. Dental care is generally not included with most health insurance plans. Students who need to see a dentist can call and make their own appointment.

  • Randy Breen, D.D.S.  2460 Burton SE  (616) 454-9091
  • Scott Bolkema, D.D.S. or Katie VanHaren, D.D.S.  2025 East Beltline SE  (616) 949-1570
  • James Eldersveld, D.D.S.  4500 Cascade Rd SE  (616) 942-8301
  • Kenneth Frieswyk, D.D.S.  2740 Eastern SE  (616) 452-0480
  • Don VanderLinde, D.D.S.  2609 Breton SE  (616) 245-3205
  • David VanderLugt, D.D.S.  2008 Eastcastle SE  (616) 455-8400
  • Peter Zwier, D.D.S.  2100 Raybrook SE  (616) 942-2870


All students coming to Calvin College are required to meet immunization criteria. Health Services staff follow CDC guidelines to promote the health of the entire student body. Faculty and staff may also use Health Services for travel immunizations, and the yearly influenza vaccine.

Please click here for more information.

Laboratory Services

Office based laboratory tests may be done in the course of an office visit. For students who need additional laboratory tests, samples may be drawn in Health Services and sent to Spectrum Health, which provides service as the regional reference laboratory. Coverage for laboratory tests are dependant on student's insurance.

To schedule a laboratory test, students can call Health Services or visit one of the following laboratory sites:

  • Spectrum Health Lab (Heritage Pointe)
    2060 East Paris Ave SE
    Phone: 616-486-9070
  • Spectrum Health Lab
    1000 East Paris Ave SE
    Phone: 616-391-1625
  • Spectrum Health Lab
    4600 Breton Rd. SE
    Phone: 616-391-9743

Medication Dispensary

Health Services may dispense medication in the context of an office visit. Most medications in the college dispensary are generic with lower costs. Local pharmacies can fill written prescriptions, and arrangements can be made for delivery when necessary.

The pharmacies closest to Calvin are:

  • Meijer Knapp’s Corner
    1997 East Beltline NE
    Phone: 616-447-1510
  • CVS
    1550 Lake Drive SE
    Phone: 616-949-5710
  • Woodpointe Pharmacy
    2500 East Beltline
    Phone: 616-949-4499
  • Rite Aid (Breton Village)
    1838 Breton SE
    Phone: 616-949-5710

Mental Health Services

Health Services provides assessment and medication management for mental health concerns. Usually, students will also work with a counselor for coordinated treatment. A comprehensive evaluation may also be scheduled through a consulting psychiatrist at Broene Counseling Center.

For information about services offered at Broene Counseling Center, please visit their website.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Services

Registered dietitians are available for scheduled consultations and counseling for students on special diets, and for those with questions about healthy eating or disordered eating. Student athletes may wish to schedule consultations with dieticians for nutritional guidance for peak performance.

Physical Exams

Comprehensive yearly physical exams as well as brief exams for employment or volunteer opportunities can be scheduled through Health Services. Athletic physicals are scheduled through the athletic training office.

For information about athletic physicals, please visit Calvin’s sports medicine website.

Radiology Services

Health Services providers may arrange for radiology services through Spectrum Health Hospital when necessary.

For information about diagnostic services offered at Spectrum Health, please visit their website.

SexualAssault, STD Diagnosis and Treatment

Confidential evaluation and treatment is available through Health Services.

In the case of sexual assault, the SANE nurse examiner program is also available 24 hours a day :

Sports Medicine

Dr. Edwin Kornoelje, Calvin’s team physician, is available most Thursday afternoons for evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation for Calvin College students and athletes. He is also available for appointments at his private office.

Metro Health Cascade
4300 Cascade SE
Phone: 616-252-1500

We recommend that students with musculoskeletal concerns make an appointment with Dr. Kornoelje for evaluation. If there is an urgent need after hours, Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan has walk-in hours from 5:00-9:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Travel Health and Immunization Office

The Travel Health and Immunization office provides comprehensive travel health services to students, staff and faculty of Calvin College, and immunizations for students of both Calvin and Kuyper Colleges. Travel health providers are members of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM), and follow the most current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA).

Please click here for more information.

Vision Services

Calvin Health Services does not offer optical services onsite. Students can schedule visits with local opticians in the Calvin College vicinity.

Some local options are:

  • D. Ritsema, OD
    4070 Lake Dr. SE
    Phone: 616-949-8500
  • David Scholten, OD
    2350 32nd SE
    Phone: 616-243-0007

Women’s Health

Health Services provides gynecologic care including exams, pap smears, pre-marital consultation, and pregnancy testing.