Allergy Injections

Allergy Injections

Students who receive regular allergy injections can continue to receive those injections while at Calvin College.

Before coming to Health Services, please be sure you have the following information from your allergist:

  • Allergy serum
  • Injection schedule

It is the student’s responsibility to bring serum to Health Services and pick it up prior to summer and holiday breaks.

You are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance provider prior to your first visit to verify that allergy services at the Health Center will be covered under your plan.

Allergy Injection Policy

  • Appointments are required.
  • Serum is to be kept in the Health Services refrigerator.
  • A physician must be present at Health Services when injections are administered.
  • Initial allergy injections must be done in your allergist's office because of the increased possibility of an allergic reaction (this does not apply to increases concentrations, only to new allergens).
  • The nurse will follow the physician's orders as outlined on your schedule. If a question or problem arises, the prescribing physician will be contacted before administration of serum.
  • Should an adverse reaction occur, medical management will be determined by our campus physician. Information about the event and management thereof will be faxed or phoned to your prescribing physician before any further injections will be administered.
  • When additional serum is needed, your schedule will be faxed to prescribing physician to arrange for reordering and shipping.
  • You must wait 30 minutes in Health Services after injection and have arm checked by a nurse before leaving, unless prescribing physician specifies 20 minutes. All injections require a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • You are responsible for charges not covered by your insurance.

Consultation and Testing can be obtained by one of our local specialists: