January-February, 2011

Task Force Approved by President, Cabinet and Planning and Priorities Committee.

February-May, 2011

Large group (3) and subcommittee (several) meetings for gathering information.

Review and compare reports from Dordt, Sienna Heights, and George Fox. 

Read 1987 Calvin Report

Revise committee tasks.

Summer, 2011

Gather needed materials from comparison schools (Hope, Ohio Northern, Wheaton). 

Develop surveys for students, faculty/staff, and alumni.

August 25-October 1, 2011

Begin dissemination phase: 

  • Develop Task Force webpage.
  • Offer task force session for Faculty/Staff Conference. 
  • Hold open forums for campus community. 

Begin visits to football games at comparison schools.

Oct. 1-15

Conduct surveys of alumni, faculty/staff, and students.

October 15-December

Compile final report and recommendation from the Task Force. 

Provide report to Athletic Policy Committee and Planning and Priorities Committee.


At its May, 2012 meeting, Calvin's Board of Trustees discussed the proposal but decided not to vote on football at that time. Instead, the board decided that football should be considered as part of the new strategic planning process led by new Calvin President Michael Le Roy. 

At present, there are no plans to add football to Calvin's list of intercollegiate sports, but the idea continues to be discussed in light of future of Calvin College.