Brian Bolt Faculty Kinesiology


Student Body

   Mike Ebbert

   Sarah Orndorff

   Jon Spoelhof

   Dave Stremler


Academic Division

Joel Adams Faculty Computer Science
Jerry Bergsma Faculty Kinesiology
Cheryl Brandsen Dean Social Science/Contextual Disciplines
Mary Flikkema* Faculty Nursing
Sheri Geddes Faculty Business
Dan Gelderloos Faculty Kinesiology
Doug Koopman Faculty Political Science
Henry Luttikhuizen Faculty Art and Art History
Nancy Meyer Faculty Kinesiology
Tom Steenwyk Registrar Academic Services
Chad Tatko Faculty Chemistry
Tom Thompson Faculty Religion
Jim Timmer Faculty Kinesiology
Jim Vanden Bosch Faculty English
Amber Warners Faculty Kinesiology
David Wunder* Faculty Engineering

*Faculty Athletic Representative


President's Office

Bob Berkhof Senior Associate Development


Administration and Finance Division

Phil Beezhold Director Physical Plant
Todd Hubers Director Human Resources


Student Life Division

Bill Corner Director Campus Safety
Bob Crow Dean Residence Life
Mary Hulst Chaplain Christian Formation


Enrollment Management Division

Dale Kuiper Director Enrollment Policy and Planning


Advancement Division

Emily Dock Associate Director Alumni Relations
Jeff Febus Sports Information Community Relations
John Smilde Director Advancement Service


Board of Trustees

    Scott Spoelhof



Ed Korneljie, D.O. Physician Metro Health
Tim Duflo Accountant Deloitte