Reimbursement Policy and Procedure

Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursements should be requested only when it is not possible to facilitate the purchase as outlined in Purchases with Vendors, Purchase Orders, Credit Card Purchases, or Internal Check Requests.

Reimbursement Procedure

  1. Obtain verbal approval from the budget officer (or supervisor if the purchaser is the budget officer) prior to making the purchase.
  2. Complete a claim for Reimbursement Form according to instructions on the reverse side of the form.
  3. Attach original receipts and identify the "Three P's" - People, Place, and Purpose for meal and entertainment expenses. Also indicate the general ledger account(s) (x-x-xxxxx-xxxxx) to be charged for each line item listed on the requisition. This should be done in consultation with the budget officer. In the event that a reimbursement exceeding $25.00 is requested without a supporting receipt or invoice, the divisional vice president/dean must also sign. Please note: IRS regulations state that failure to submit receipts/supporting documentation requires the employer to report the transaction on the employee's W-2 as wages.
  4. Sign name at bottom of Claim for Reimbursement Form. An original signature is required. No stamps are permitted. 
  5. Obtain budget officer's signature on the Claim for Reimbursement Form. If the budget officer is the purchaser, then the budget officer's supervisor should provide the second signature.
  6. Submit the Claim for Reimbursement to Accounts Payable in the Financial Services Office. The check will generally be ready by 1:00 p.m. of the day following receipt of the request form. The check will be distributed per the requisitioner's instructions on the form. If the check is required within a tight time-frame, it is advisable to hand deliver the form to Accounts Payable. Again, the check will be written the day after the form is received by Accounts Payable.

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