Forms and Policies

NameFormPolicy and ProcedureDescription

Cash Advance

Pick up in FSO View Use when all other methods for obtaining goods or services have been exhausted.
Conflict of Interest PDF  View  Required if you are a budget officer or have a college issued credit card.
Contract Management Cover Sheet PDF View Use for submitting contracts to be recorded in the Contract Management System Database.
Credit Card Application View Use for all travel related expenditures and other types of purchases whenever possible.
Honorarium PDF View Use to pay an amount of money to an individual for services performed.
Internal Check Request PDF View Use for transactions that are prepayment in nature.
Purchase Order Pick up in FSO View Use only if vendor requires.
Reimbursement PDF View Use to request reimbursements for goods or services.
Travel Expense Report

Excel 2017

View Travel
View Mileage

Use to report expenses incurred while traveling for college related business.
Voucher PDF   Use to authorize payment for a purchase or expense to an outside vendor.
Wire Transfer PDF   Use to request funds to be transfered by wire - domestic or interational.
W-9 PDF   Use to request a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification
W-8BEN PDF Use to certify non-U.S. status of foreign persons receiving payment.

Minority Vendor Practices

PDF Outlines the college's guidelines for procurement of goods and services to insure equitable access by Minority Business Enterprises/Women Business Enterprises.