Budget Process

Calvin College departments are responsible for maintaining the funds spent within the departmental budget. Financial Services will serve as a resource and business partner with the departments of Calvin College to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting.

Budget Basics

Budget Officer

A budget officer is the individual with designated responsibility for a particular budget. This individual is generally involved in the budgeting process and is responsible for the expenditures charged to the budget. Vice Presidents, deans, chairpersons, department heads, and directors are commonly assigned the duties of a budget officer.

Account Numbers

A twelve digit account number (x-x-xxxxx-xxxxx) must be identified on all documents submitted to the Financial Services Office. This number identifies the appropriate budget and the correct line item within the budget to which the request should be assigned (charged).

Financial Status Reports (FSRs)

Financial Status Reports (FSR) are sent to all budget officers via e-mail at the close of each month. FSRs indicate the transactions for each account number they are responsible for. If you have problems understanding your FSR, please contact the Financial Services Office.

Journal Entries

Journal Entries need to be made in order to move money from one general ledger account number to another.

Request for transfer of funds by e-mailing generalaccounting@calvin.edu.

Setting up new General Ledger accounts

Please e-mail generalaccounting@calvin.edu to request a new general ledger account number.