Billing and Payments

One-Time Payment

A gateway to accomodate a one-time payment via electronic check. You will need your bank account number, bank routing number, and the student's ID number to use this service. Payments by credit card are not accepted.

Make a Payment

Advanced Payment System

Provides advanced options to schedule payments, keep bank information on file (optional), and access payment history. In order for parents to use this tool, students must invite their parents to pay on their behalf via the Calvin Portal.

Student Payment Center

Parent Payment Center*

*Students, sign up your parent or guardian to receive e-statements.
*Students, sign up your parent or guardian to pay on your behalf. 


Billing information

Calvin administrates all billing statements electronically. You are notified via e-mail when your statements are available on Portal.

You must give third parties, such as parent(s), access before they may receive statements. Even if you have already granted a third party permission to pay bills, you must also grant permission for the third party to receive billing statements.


Sign your parents up to receive statements

Students may give permission for others to receive copies of their statements regularly through Calvin's E-Statement Subscription service.

E-Statement subscriptions can be set up by the student in the Calvin Portal:

  • Click on the "Services" menu
  • Then "Student Accounts and Finances"
  • Click on "E-Statement Subscription"
  • Enter the appropriate e-mail address
  • Hit SUBMIT

Each time a new statement is generated, a courtesy copy is then sent via e-mail to a list of subscribers designated by the student. E-Statement copies will continue to be sent each statement period until the student removes the subscriber from the service.

Canadian Funds

Date RangeExchange RateExample
03/31/2017-05/01/2017 0.73 1.00 CAN = 0.73 USD or 1.00 USD = 1.37 CAN