I learned here at Calvin to see all things through my faith. It’s taught me that Christ is calling me to take action and bring peace and restoration to the oppressed.
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Temitope Ogunnoiki


Temi’s not just preparing for an engineering career. She’s uniting her heart and mind to engage a world that needs her creative solutions.

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What were you hoping to find at Calvin?

Coming to Calvin, I was looking for quality education, but also more. I knew my college years would be very important, so I was looking for a place where I could make unforgettable memories and have life-changing experiences. I knew I needed room to grow and learn about myself—and I’ve definitely found that at Calvin.

What excites you about your major?

I really want to make a meaningful change in the world. As an engineer, I can design solutions that actually can change lives and societies. I know in my own country of Nigeria there are agricultural regions that don’t have a steady power supply. If we could bring renewable energy to these areas, it would be the first step toward greater things.

What surprised you about Calvin?

When I first came to Calvin, I didn’t really see the point of a liberal arts education. It just seemed like a lot of extra classes. But honestly, it’s great learning. Those classes opened my mind to fresh ideas and new things. I enjoyed them so much that I’m taking a political science class now, even though I don’t need one to graduate.

Is there something you’re glad to have learned at Calvin?

You have to listen to understand. You don’t listen to people’s stories just to be able to give a reaction, but you listen to understand. When you can really listen people’s stories, you start seeking justice for the oppressed because you can really see where they are.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love hanging out with my friends, just talking and playing board or card games. I also binge watch series, listen to music, and dance. I love dressing up, doing my makeup, and putting clothes together.

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