I don’t know where God’s going to bring me, but Calvin is helping me find what I want to do.
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Keilahna Castillo

Recreational Therapy

Keilahna’s biggest college dream has already come true: an NCAA National Championship. But for this volleyball star, Calvin isn’t just about athletic achievement, it’s about discovering who she is.

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What attracted you to Calvin in the first place?

I’m a volleyball player, so I was coming to Calvin for volleyball camps since my freshman year of high school. I thought Calvin was such a cool place, and I loved the coaches and the players I met. When I sat in on a class, I fell in love with the whole idea of being in a small classroom and really getting to know your professors. The tight knit community, the genuine people on campus, and being close to home was also a huge factor of my decision.

What’s the environment of the volleyball team?

Playing volleyball at Calvin has been amazing. I am blessed to be able to play the sport that I love so much, with 20 other women that love it as much as I do. Coach Warners does an amazing job with finding players who not only love playing volleyball, but love each other. Our team has so many different personalities. It’s so cool to see how we can all come together, be so unique and have so much fun together on and off of the court. Winning the national championship was an incredible experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!

How did you choose your major?

I’m a recreational therapy major with a minor in psychology. I always knew I wanted to work with kids, but I wasn’t sure what to major in. I was taking classes as a speech pathology major, and I was really struggling with it. I didn’t love it. So I sat down with my coach, and she started telling me about majors within the kinesiology department. I talked with a lot of advisors and friends about what I’m good at, and they helped me make this decision.

How has your faith grown at Calvin?

When I came here, I didn’t have that close of a relationship with God. My professors would read the Bible at the beginning of class and talk about their faith—that was definitely something I wasn’t used to coming from a public high school. My roommate would read devotions every night, and I was curious about that. We eventually started doing devotions together, praying together and going to church together. My team has also had a huge impact on my faith. Right from the start of my freshman year season, our coach had an ongoing theme of playing for each other but, most importantly, playing for God. Starting this fall, I could tell I was growing in my faith and I could see God working in so many different ways.

What do you want to do after graduating?

I want to work with kids in a hospital. I love working with kids, but I also want to work with kids with disabilities. Ever since high school, I have been helping in a special ed classroom. That’s kind of what I want to do; social skills and interactions, life skills. I also love volleyball and have been coaching 13-14 year olds already. I hope to continue to coach and be involved in volleyball.

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