My life would be so dull without dreams that involve making this earth more like heaven.
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Kaitlyn Farris


Whatever she’s doing, Kaitlyn wants to dig deeper. She always wants to know more. At Calvin, she has the freedom and support to be all-in, all the time.

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Pictured with Professor Kumar Sinniah, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Kaitlyn traveled to Nepal with Professor Sinniah's interim class; now she considers him a mentor.

What were you hoping to find at Calvin?

When I first came here, my only prayer was “Lord, let me have friends, like good friends who will really know me and love me.” And my friendships here have truly been a huge blessing. I met my best friend in my orientation group, and I met lots of good friends on my floor.

What was life like your very first semester?

I jumped right in and had some excellent professors, and it was just fun to be here. I joined some clubs and got involved in my floor, which is the Outdoor Recreation and Creation Care floor. I went backpacking for the first time and learned how to cook in a back-country kitchen.

How was your transition to college academics?

I’d been able to float through high school pretty easily. But in college, I was struggling to just sit down and read. I couldn’t memorize things and stay on track. I ended up getting tested and discovered I have ADD (attention deficit disorder). It’s been a journey to figure out how to advocate for myself and use resources like the Center for Student Success and the Broene Counseling Center. Professors have been so good about giving me extra time to complete tests.

What’s special about Calvin?

I’ve been overwhelmingly grateful for how Calvin delights in curiosity. Growing up, I was the student who’d always ask “Why?” and teachers would shut me down. At Calvin, professors invite you into “the why.” Calvin doesn’t tell you what to think, but gives you all the parts of the conversation and lets you investigate and figure out what you believe. There’s so much freedom in that—freedom to grow.

How have you changed since college?

My passions have grown and changed to reflect justice. My heart has always been for people on the fringes, and Calvin has given me the language and understanding to reflect that.

Where do you think God’s calling you?

I love people, and I want them to be well. Medicine is something I’m passionate about, and I feel called to be a doctor. Whether that’s on a different continent or in a different state, I’ll leave that up to the Lord, but I’m applying to medical schools this summer!

What do you like to do for fun?

Sing! I started a vocal jazz ensemble called Annex Voices this year with my friend Katherine. We had our first concert in December, and it was so fun. I also play on Calvin’s women’s rugby team, which is a blast. Outside of organized activities, I love making and eating meals with friends.

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