It’s really easy to be self-focused when thinking about the future. But my friends at Calvin are constantly reminding me to listen to God and where he is telling me to go.
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Josiah Enos

Political science

Josiah’s classes energize him because he’s learning to think deeply about God’s plan for his life.

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What brought you to Calvin?

Calvin really wasn’t in my plan for my life—but it was definitely in God’s plan for me. I had a scholarship to play soccer at a university near my home, and figured that was where I would end up. But after a serious injury, that soccer scholarship went away. I found Calvin through a friend, and it’s been exactly where I’m supposed to be.

How have you changed since starting college?

In high school, I was a three-sport athlete, and athletics was my focal point. I was also really involved with choir and music. My faith was constantly pushed to the back burner because I was so focused on other things. Now, I’m constantly thinking about what God’s asking me as a Christian to do and be.

How did the environment at Calvin form you into that kind of person?

At Calvin, I’ve learned that I actually do have the ability to understand big problems and, with God’s guidance, to do something about those problems. Before, a lot of things around me—like the injustices in the world—just didn’t make sense. I had a really narrow view of the world. At Calvin, the community takes a hard look at these problems and is empowered to make positive change. I’m constantly with people who are asking tough questions and pushing me forward. That’s changed me, in a very good way.

What’s something Calvin has prepared you for?

I’ve learned a lot about perseverance here. Life has ups and downs, and no matter what you’re facing, you have to keep moving forward. I’ve also learned about empathy. I think of the example of Jesus, who came down, and not only did he come down to love us, but to suffer with us. Going into law, I think that mindset is of the utmost importance.

What’s a Calvin memory that will stick with you?

Singing in Late Night with Cappella was probably the furthest I’ve stretched outside my comfort zone at Calvin. I was up on stage singing a duet for three and a half minutes. If you had asked me to do it when I first came to Calvin, I would probably have just laughed. It was so exciting to do, and that I’ll definitely remember that feeling for a long time.

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