The product that my family business produces is juice, but we incorporate social justice and integrity into all aspects of what we do. I see opportunities to do kingdom work in any setting.
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Anissa Eddie

Social Work, '05 | Owner of Malamiah Juice Bar

At Calvin, Anissa discovered more about herself as an individual—and even better, she discovered what it means to be an important piece of a big, global story.

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Why did you choose Calvin?

I chose Calvin because I had an amazing experience in the Entrada Scholars Program the summer after my junior year of high school. I found Calvin to be a place that inspired critical thinking, cultivated personal relationships and challenged authentic faith development.

How did your time at Calvin define who you are as a person?

Calvin exposed me to broad perspectives through the liberal arts curriculum, international study experiences and intentional community building. I felt more deeply connected to who I was as a person of color after my time at Calvin, and I also realized how it was appropriate and possible to embed my faith into every aspect of my life and career.

How would you describe your calling?

I studied social work at Calvin, and this field of work continues to resonate with who I am and what I feel called to do. Social work can look very different as a profession. I have done clinical work, school-based work and macro-level work. Even as a small business owner, I have applied the principles of social work that acknowledge the strength and dignity of every person and emphasize the importance of service and human relationships.

What’s your daily life like today?

My daily life is very full. My husband and I have three young sons and a family-owned business, in addition to serving in our church. I also work full time for a local non-profit and try to be involved as much as possible in my community. I have moved away from seeking balance, as every stage of life comes with its own unique challenges. Instead, I try to set healthy boundaries and bring my best self to every moment.

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