There is so much beauty in the fact that we, who are so broken, are able to praise God. And that we who are so different from each other, can come together with the same desire to encounter God.
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Angie Lee

Elementary Education

Angie says worship at Calvin isn’t always comfortable—but it might help you realize God is bigger than you thought.

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What’s chapel at Calvin like?

Honestly, you may not feel comfortable with all the chapel services that you will experience at Calvin. At least that was my case. This year, I’m a Worship Apprentice, which means I get to work with seven other students and the college chaplains to plan services. We try to challenge the whole community to think beyond what we know—to think outside ourselves and realize our God is bigger. Sometimes feeling a little uncomfortable is good. It allows us to grow beyond the borders of our opinions and perspectives.

How did you find friends at Calvin?

I’m an international student, so I found my first friends through international student orientation. But after that, I made friends by getting involved in life at Calvin, like participating in Dance Guild and going to classes and church.

What do you like about living in the residence halls?

I get to live with a group of people who care about me. Living in the residence halls has allowed me to form some unique and meaningful relationships. I also love that my floor celebrates our diversity through sharing different cultural foods and being willing to share our stories with each other.

Where do you see God calling you after college?

I’m really open to whatever God calls me to. My passion is for planting hope in people’s hearts. The form in which I can achieve this may be different as time goes on. I’m currently studying elementary education with a focus in ESL (English as a second language) and fine arts. I can’t wait to see where God calls me, and I am ready to live my life for him.

What would you like to tell future Calvin students?

Calvin will broaden your mind and the way you think. If you value learning in a community and experiencing different cultures and perspectives, Calvin is a place where you will really grow.

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