Living Rare

Natalie emoticon

“I love the girl I am today and have come to love her body with all its faults.”

Elle emoticon

“When I gave up, that perfect, selfless love saw me through. It was enough to pull me through when I was in pain, hopeless, and facing death, so I know that it’s enough for any situation I will face.”

Marsha emoticon

“When we are faced with a life-changing event like being diagnosed with a chronic disease, the universe can seem to turn end over end as easily as a penny is tossed.”

Katie emoticon

"I can bring hope to those that are just being diagnosed and to the parents of kids younger than me to show them that there is hope for their future."


Julie emoticon

“I am more patient than before I knew what was going on. I treasure our time more. I know it is less than what others get, so little moments mean more.”

Laura emoticon

“He won't thrive in a society that feels sorry for him, he'll only thrive in a society that learns to accept him and bend ever so slightly to make room for him.”

Sarah emoticon

“It took 3 years to finally get the diagnosis. There was lots of fighting and arguing with people who thought I didn't know what I was on about.”

Kerry emoticon

“But she came onto this earth to help others. To help us realize that sometimes the smallest things that we take for granted, like a smile, is actually one of the things that we should celebrate the most.”

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