Rare Disease Network Logo Design Contest

We are ready for you to help us choose our Rare Disease Network logo. You can see the top four options along with statements from the artists below. When you are ready, you can follow the link to submit your vote. Voting will be open until February 12th. Be sure to join us at our Rare Disease Day Event to find out which logo wins (you can register for the event by going to the symposium tab).


Logos and Artist Statements


Logo 1

I was excited to contribute to your project as my sister has had Guillain-Barré syndrome / CIDP so your research on rare illnesses is close to my heart. The logos are strong, bold and memorable - diagrams of diseases, DNA symbolism, helping hands. The colors are crisp and pure, reflecting a scientific but humanitarianism feel.

Logo 2

If you ask about the rarest, expensive and beneficial herb for health, you will find saffron the answer. For a long time, health experts have used herbs to get rid of diseases. Saffron is one of the rare herbs, just like the rare diseases found today. I chose the saffron plant because of its many health benefits and its scarcity in nature. The bright colors in the image indicate the picturesque colors of nature, in addition to a 'warning' about the presence of rare diseases.

Logo 3

The logo is a Human network in abstract form. One is in blue, which is different from all the others, it is Rare.

Logo 4

DNA - many rare diseases are thought to be caused by changes in genes or chromosomes. These causes can be symbolized by a DNA strand. Zebra – the scientific community commonly refers to rare diseases as medical zebras. A zebra texture was added to the strand of DNA. Connecting – Rare Disease Network has a mission of reaching to patients and families, students and teachers, and providers and advocates. The logo symbolizes the connection between all people in the rare disease community.

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