For over a decade, the Faith and International Development Conference (FIDC) has brought students and practitioners together to share in their enthusiasm for development work and build relationships through networking. The cornerstone of this conference is built on the faith that we are redeemed in Christ and called to be his hands and feet throughout the world.

Participation in the conference has grown to over 300 students, faculty leaders, and organization representatives. Together they struggle to connect their minds, hearts and hands in an international context under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The conference strives to balance prayerful discernment of students' callings, relationship building among students and professionals, and practical learning about international development.

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Our story

The first Faith and International Development Conference (FIDC) was held in the spring semester of 2006. A current Calvin University student and a recent graduate attended a conference on development-related issues and came away from the experience desiring to have a conference dedicated to helping students learn more about international development from development professionals and form connections within the development community.

Returning to university that fall, this Calvin senior and a group of other students proved to the faculty that students were able to organize an entire conference. With the generous support of the global development studies department, the first conference was held as a two-day event that attracted approximately 300 participants. As the conference neared its end, another student expressed enthusiasm for the conference and willingness to carry on leadership for the next year. Since then, FIDC has been an annual event in early February that annually attracts 300-600 participants to learn from development professionals from 15-20 development organizations.