The Bunker Interpretive Center (BIC), Venema Plaza, and Prince Pond Dock are available for events consistent with our mission of educating for creation care, restoring the land, and renewing spirits. Normally our policy is to host events related to/inspired by the natural environment, environmental education, creation care, and/or green building construction/technology. But during this trying time, we are focusing on the renewing spirits aspect of our mission and welcome all Calvin affiliates to submit a request for reservation. Please note that facilities are closed to personal events.


A note about privacy: Please be aware that facilities are open to the public. In the BIC, people will not enter a room in use, but are able to explore the hall and use the restrooms during open hours. Also, our staff is respectful of and quiet for our guests, but occasionally must move through the rooms while performing their jobs. As well, people may walk through the gardens surrounding the plaza or the deck. Thus, if you seek a confidential space we do not recommend using the our facilities.

Room available in the BIC: Discovery Place (EI*Class) holds up to 22 people, features picture windows overlooking South Pond and a fireplace, and is equipped with a projector, smart technology, and a small white board.

Outdoor spaces available: Venema Plaza (EI*Opt) is in the center of our Native Gardens, holds up to 70 people, and is not equipped with tables or chairs. The Gardeners Cottage (in the gardens opposite the BIC) has a portico with a table and 4 chairs. Prince Pond Dock overlooks its namesake pond, and holds up to 10 people on permanent benches, plus another 5 sitting/standing on the deck.

BIC Hours: Current hours available for Calvin affiliates only are Monday–Friday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. One-time programs may be required to contact Campus Safety for entrance to the building.

Parking: Cars may park in the cul-de-sac parking lot at the main entrance to the preserve as well as the designated Ecosystem Preserve spaces immediately north of our parking lot. (parking map)

Accessibility: The BIC, plaza and dock are all handicap accessible.


Free to Calvin faculty, staff and students

Preserve public use policies

You are welcome to explore the preserve during your visit; as you do, please be mindful of our policies:

  • Guests must stay on trails and out of water bodies.
  • Trails are for hikers only. No running, biking, cross-country skiing or motorized vehicles.
  • Dogs are not welcome-leashed, carried, or otherwise.
  • The removal, disturbance or introduction of any plant, animal, or mineral is prohibited.
  • Avoid interfering with research projects and educational programs.
  • Smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and littering in the preserve are prohibited.

Make a reservation

All reservation requests must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to start date. Space is limited and will be reserved on a first come, first-served basis. Requests must be approved by the Preserve Manager. If you are interested in reserving a room and would like to know if the space is even open, you can first go to Event Services' reservation system to check availability (On the left choose browse locations, in the filters section choose add location, choose BIC then update. Times blocked in white are open.).

Request a Reservation