Teaching spaces

Use our outdoor and indoor teaching spaces for classes to connect what your students are learning in the classroom to the real world. Outdoors: English, art, kinesiology, engineering, education, seminary, geology, biology, and psychology are all departments that have found sessions in the preserves impactful to students’ learning. Indoors: You can also teach full interim or evening courses in the Bunker Interpretive Center and hold retreats at our Flat Iron Lake House. 

  • Self-register time in the Ecosystem Preserve & Native Gardens
  • Reserve Venema Plaza, Prince Pond Dock, or a room in the Bunker Interpretive Center
  • Reserve the Flat Iron Lake House


Whether for a course lab or a formal project, you can conduct research in the Ecosystem Preserve & Native Gardens or Flat Iron Lake Preserve.

Collaborate with preserve staff

Collaborating with preserve staff is a wonderful instrument for multi-disciplinary teaching. We are available for resource consultation, to be guest presenters and/or partners with professors, and to provide service learning and project opportunities for your classes and labs. The outcome of these collaborations for students are seeing real-world applications of their work; for example, the engineering department has created functional Little Free Libraries for the preserve, and the art department has created an online field guide with photos of plants blooming in our native gardens. To discuss ways in which we can support your curriculum, contact Jeanette Henderson.

LEED tours

Tour our LEED Gold Certified building with your class, and see its environmentally friendly features.