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 The Muteflutes

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The Muteflutes are a fun and lyrically driven Americana-hued folk rock band from Grand Rapids, MI. Their unique sound is created by a combination of guitars, piano, drums, banjo, bass, bells, vibraphone, and accordion woven together with seamless vocal harmonies. Sharing life together on and off the stage, their music is filled with stories of life, community and social relationships, and an unending search for truth. Live, the band crafts dynamic musical experiences that range from intimate folk to soaring post-rock compositions. They all live and work in their beloved hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.

Presentations at Calvin College:

FFM Gig Track: The Muteflutes
Part of the: Festival of Faith and Music

Saturday, March 28, 2015  (3:45 PM–5:00 PM EST)
CFAC Recital Hall


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