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Northeast Ohio native, TaRee took a leap of faith and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where her debut solo project, Crazy Love the EP, would be recorded. Using each song as an expression of a moment and an opportunity to share the word of God, TaRee was given the opportunity to share her message internationally after being invited on a Music Mission to Paris & Nancy, France. In June of 2014, TaRee traveled with a group of “musicianaries” to provide music and faith workshops to writers, intercessors, worship leaders, composers, musicians, singers and artists. After some time on the road, TaRee is now living in Nashville, honing her writing skills, collaborating live with local artists and digging into a new album. Her music is quiet, soulful, and rhythmic, a sound that calls to artists such as India.Arie.

Presentations at Calvin College:

FFM Pre-note: Taree
Part of the: Festival of Faith and Music

Saturday, March 28, 2015  (6:30 PM–7:00 PM EST)
CFAC Auditorium


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