• Mooner 


Mooner plays power pop for the 21st century. Their relentless double guitar attack and deceptively simple songwriting bear aloft the joys and pains of love, television, politics, and other detritus of modern Midwestern life. This spring, Mooner will be releasing their debut album Masterpiece and will be touring the Midwest to support it. Featuring the double lead guitarists in frontman Lee Ketch and guitarist John Gargiulo, the band's focus on classic songwriting is given a punk edge while colorful piano and synthesizers by Steve Slagg give the arrangements a thoughtful, technicolor depth. Former shoegaze rhythm section Adam Bonich and Taylor Briggs bring a heaviness that make Mooner an undeniable live act and favorite in their hometown of Chicago.

Presentations at Calvin College:

FFM Gig Track: Mooner
Part of the: Festival of Faith and Music

Saturday, March 28, 2015  (2:00 PM–3:15 PM EST)
CFAC Recital Hall


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