Student News Guidelines

Basic information

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    • Student Life
  • Last updated: November 7, 2019

The Student-news listserv is a service of Student Life. Student News is a daily email where announcements, news briefs and information of interest to the student body can be found.

A list of all previous Student News can be found here.

Subscription Guidelines

  • To subscribe to student-news, e-mail with the words subscribe student-news in the body of the message (not the subject).
  • Students are automatically added to Student News and may not unsubscribe because Calvin will be sending official notices in Student News.
  • If you are not a student, but are interested in receiving student news, you can send an email with the words "subscribe student-news" in the body of the message (not the subject). If you no longer wish to receive student-news, simply send "unsubscribe student-news" in the message to
  • Graduated students will no longer receive student-news automatically, but can opt-in using the directions above.

Distribution Policies

  • Student news runs every weekday during school sessions.
  • Additional distribution take place at the list administrator's discretion.
  • Emergency distribution may take place at any time, and emergency announcements shall be distributed by themselves in a separate digest of student-news.
  • During summer and school breaks distribution will be on a weekly or as-needed basis.

Submission Guidelines

  • Mail it to
  • Must be in plain text format.
  • Do not send attachments.
  • Deadline is 3 p.m. in order to be run the next day.
  • Please, do not send announcements on the weekends (they will be ignored).
  • Do not send your announcement as a part of or with a CC, BCC, or as a forward.
  • Do not send notes, comments, or correction instructions to the student news address (will most likely be ignored, but they may also accidentally be submitted for the digest).
  • All submissions must have an affiliation with a department, student organization, or faculty and staff advisor at Calvin. This must be made clear in the announcement.

The following categories will be considered allowable submissions.

  • Any official information from Calvin University to the student body.
  • Emergency announcements from administrators, faculty, or students.
  • Submissions regarding lost or stolen property will be allowed to run once only after the individual has conducted a thorough search for the item and contacted Campus Safety to report it missing.

The following categories will not be accepted.

Advertisements or solicitations for profit, including classifieds, for-sale ads, commercial advertisements, roommate requests, etc. including on-campus organizations and institutions. Any type of forward, bulk mail, or “informational” e-mail not pertaining to Calvin University directly. Any posting that draws attention in a decidedly non-neutral fashion to events or persons on or off campus (i.e. political announcements). Department-specific announcements intended solely for students of that department.

Any posting that contains offensive language, content, or themes.

Repetition Guidelines

To have an announcement run again it must be re-submitted . Chapel announcements will be allowed to appear daily. Multiple submissions pertaining to the same event will not be allowed.

Format Guidelines

All announcements must be kept to less than 100 words , or risk being edited by the list administrator. Spelling and grammar will not be checked so make sure your announcement is correct when you send it in. If you are adding a link with your announcement make sure you add http:// in front of it. Format will be determined by the list administrator in cooperation with Calvin Information Technology.



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