Policy and Protocols for Campus Visitors, Guests, and Contract Workers

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  • Approved by:
    • Calvin University's Safe Return Team
  • Issued: August 14, 2020
  • Last updated: January 15, 2021

Calvin University’s goal is to provide an environment for learning, living, and work that is safe for all students, staff, and faculty.

In general, the university will host few visitors during the winter/spring 2021 semester, with some exceptions, including approved admissions programs and tours, sanctioned athletic team competitors, sanctioned campus event rentals, and approved contractors or sponsored departmental guests (see below for additional guidelines). Each of these approved/sanctioned events will go through a hazard assessment process and will adhere to campus health and safety protocols.

The following expectations for campus visitors, effective August 17, 2020, are part of Calvin’s Safe Return Plan and were developed to help ensure the health and safety of the campus community. It is important to note that these guidelines may be modified as the COVID-19 situation and corresponding federal, state, and local guidance continues to evolve.

  1. The university divisions, departments, and other organizational units should minimize on-campus sponsored visitors and guests through the winter/spring 2021 semester.
  2. Divisions, departments, and other organizational units who believe invited visitors cannot be delayed or canceled are responsible for ensuring that any visitor sponsored by the unit is fully aware of and completely adheres to the health and safety guidelines in place on campus at the time of their visit. Any documented non-compliance will result in cancellation of the visit. Approval for such visits must be granted by the unit leader (department chair, director, dean, vice president, etc.).
    1. No outside visitors or guests will be allowed on campus without advance written approval from a sponsoring division, department, or other organizational unit.
    2. Only those outside contractors who must be on campus to perform required services will be allowed on-site, and such individuals must be approved in advance in writing by a sponsoring division, department, or other organizational unit.
    3. All outside visitors, guests, and contractors will be issued a temporary ID that must be worn at all times while on campus. Departments, divisions, or organizational units can request temporary IDs through Campus Safety (safety@calvin.edu) and are responsible for both dispensing temporary IDs to approved guests or visitors and collecting them after use.
  3. The Enrollment Strategy division may hold admissions programs and tours on campus during the winter/spring 2021 semester, provided they align with current state guidelines. These programs and tours will be carefully planned and hazard-assessed to ensure compliance with all state, local, and campus health and safety guidelines.
  4. The university recognizes that Calvin’s outdoor campus is open to the general public, and it is foreseeable that a number of individuals will visit our campus who do not fall into one of the above categories. The university’s responsibility to general visitors to campus is to clearly communicate the health and safety guidelines through the university’s web presence, social media, and physical signage. Campus buildings will not be open to the general public nor will they be as accessible as they have been in the past.
  5. All outside visitors, guests, and contractors will be required to wear personal face masks while on campus. This includes wearing face masks in classrooms and all public spaces, restrooms, and when outdoors within 6 feet of others or in congested areas. Sponsored visitors, guests, and contractors should keep their masks with them at all times so they are ready to use them whenever necessary.
  6. Sponsored/invited visitors, guests, and contractors must review the attached “Health & Safety Expectations for Campus Visitors, Guests, & Contractors” document. Sponsoring campus departments, divisions, or organizational units are responsible for distributing this document to approved/sanctioned campus guests, visitors, or contractors in advance of their arrival, and they are responsible for ensuring that these policies and protocols are followed.
  7. Visitors who are observed acting contrary to university health and safety guidelines can be reported to Campus Safety and reminded that their presence on campus is subject to adherence to campus health and safety rules.
  8. Until further notice, non-student guests or visitors will not be allowed within residence halls or on-campus apartments (one exception is during move-in, in accordance with the guidance sent out by Residence Life) nor within dining halls.
    1. Residence Life will provide additional guidance regarding open house and visitation policies within on-campus residence halls and apartments when students move-in.

Calvin’s “Visitor Safety Checklist” is available for anyone planning to sponsor a visitor or guest on campus.


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