Paperwork and Staying Connected

Basic information

Off-Campus Programs Student Handbook

Once accepted into an off-campus program, there are a number of tasks you will need to complete including: paying a deposit for the semester, attending orientation meetings (required), and completing a number of forms. These forms include:

  • Waiver form (part of the pre-application)
  • Health insurance verification form - given at first group meeting
  • Emergency contact form - given at first group meeting
  • Travel request form - given at first group meeting
  • Visa application (for some programs) - given at first group meeting
  • Housing preference (for programs that use host families) - from Program Director
  • Health Forms (both for physical and mental health)

Please complete these forms ASAP. The Health Forms and the Waiver Form must be completed before your interview with a program director/instructor. No plane tickets will be purchased until ALL forms are completed.

As you leave Calvin for either Christmas or the summer, please continue to check your email. There may be important tasks that you need to complete while you are on break prior to departure. Feel free to stop by the off-campus programs office and let us know the best way to contact you prior to departure.



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