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Mentor Bio: Caroline

Caroline is the mentor at Peniel House on Eastern Ave. She joined the Project Neighborhood team in April 2021 and is excited for the year ahead. She graduated from Hope College in 2015, moved to Grand Rapids for a teaching job, and has been here ever since. When she's not teaching, you can probably find her making art, spending time with friends, taking a power nap, forgetting things, or telling a dog she loves them.

What's unique about the house?

Peniel means “for I have seen the face of God” and comes from Genesis 32 where Jacob had a famous wrestling match. The house boasts a large front porch, great for getting to know your neighbors and a neighborhood garden. Most people who walk into this house for the first time say it’s cozy and really feels like home. Its large main common areas are great for hanging out or studying and there is a projector in the wonderfully finished basement for movie nights. The house is across the street from Eastern Ave. CRC, our church partner and owner of the house. Eastern Ave. CRC is a key institution in the neighborhood. Peniel can accommodate four students along with the mentors and is located 4.1 miles from campus.

What's interesting about your neigborhood?

Peniel is located just south of Eastern and Wealthy in the intersection of several unique neighborhoods that are experiencing transition, development and growth. It’s a very walkable and bike friendly area with several bus stops nearby. There is great history and cultural diversity in addition to tons of restaurants and shops within walking distance. A favorite meeting and study place is Wealthy Street Bakery, sister shop to Hall Street Bakery adjacent to the Fuller House!

What partnership opportunities exist in your neighborhood?

Peniel is owned by and well-connected to Eastern Ave. CRC which offers opportunities to tutor or participate in the Saturday food program. Right next door is the Creative Youth Center which offers many opportunities to connect to youth from the community or support the organization more broadly. Baxter Community Center and The Grand Rapids Urban League are both nearby too! There are also tons of opportunities to use your financial resources to support locally-owned businesses.


Baxter Neighborhood Association

Address: 1309 Madison Avenue Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Phone:(616) 988-2863

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