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What makes it unique

Koinonia, the first Project Neighborhood house, has been the flagship of intentional Christian community for Calvin College for almost 20 years. Built in the early 1900’s by one of the original beer brewers of Grand Rapids, from the finished basement to the ball room attic there is ample space for the nine students as well as the mentor family. There are even two ovens and two refrigerators in the main floor kitchen, no doubt the busiest room of the house.

While there are many unique happenings throughout the year, it is the daily living that knits us together as a life-changing community. We sup, meet, and pray together regularly. Everyone makes sacrifices to follow through on their commitments to each other. Thankfulness abounds.


Because Koinonia is not affiliated with a specific church like many of the other Project neighborhood houses, we serve the Easttown community we live in a variety of ways from hosting breakfasts to tutoring. We also try to host a refugee family every year, helping them transition from dire circumstances to living and thriving in the states.


Eastown Neighborhood Association


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