Maddie Williams

Maddie Williams
  • Phone: (616) 526-7740
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  • Office: SC 260C
  • Position: Senior Admissions Counselor
  • Department: Admissions
  • Serving: Alaska, Michigan, Oregon, northern California, and Washington
    Cedar Spings, Comstock Park, East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills Central, Forest Hills Eastern, Forest Hills Northern, Grand Rapids Christian, Kenowa Hills, Kent City, Lowell, Northview, Rockford, and Sparta High Schools


B.A. Strategic Communications and Business, Calvin College, 2018

Favorite Calvin memory

Studying abroad in Honduras during my junior year, I had the honor of living and learning in a country that holds so much beauty. The people, places, food, and adventures with my friends were the highlight of my time at Calvin.

How did your faith grow at Calvin?

At Calvin, I built relationships with peers and mentors that brought new depth to my faith. I learn to let my strides forward in my faith expand beyond my own heart by serving through opportunities that Calvin connected me to in Grand Rapids such as Young Life.

What part of Calvin’s mission resonates with you, and why?

I love that Calvin wants students to live wholeheartedly. I believe everything we give our "yes" to deserves our best, and God calls us to dive into the places, relationships, hobbies, and opportunities that we love, and to give them 100%. It is a gift to have the space to identify what God created us to pursue with joyful, wholehearted abandon.

I practice living wholeheartedly by growing my relationships with friends, creating new recipes while I cook/bake, leading Young Life, coaching high school basketball, being active outdoors, exploring new countries, and even roasting coffee.


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