Emily Annett

Emily Annett


Waterford Mott High School '13, Calvin University '17

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What are some of your favorite Calvin memories?

I love Calvin's commitment to community. I only knew one person coming in as a freshman, but there are so many programs designed to encourage students to interact with one another, I was able to create connections with people I never would have had the chance to meet otherwise. From Chaos Night to Chapel to dorm activities, I was able to forge relationships with people who have remained my best friends to this day.

How did your faith grow at Calvin?

I went from a surface-level understanding of who Christ is, to recognizing that my faith life will be an ever-changing journey. I learned that it's okay to be challenged, because being challenged is how we grow. I realize now that a true calling to the Gospel involves not only a yearning to understand biblical teachings, but also participating in bringing intentional, restorative justice to our world.

What part of Calvin’s mission resonates with you, and why?

While all the aspects of Calvin's mission resonate with me in one way or another, thinking deeply stands out me in particular. I strive to be continually curious about the world and its wonders, and to deepen my relationships with those around me.


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