Abigail Vegter

Abigail Vegter


Abigail Vegter graduated from Calvin University with a degree in political science, concentrating in policy studies and civic leadership, and minors in sociology and urban studies. She then earned a MA from the University of Kansas, focusing on American politics, public policy, and public administration. She stayed at the University of Kansas and is currently finishing up her PhD in American politics, public policy and research methodology. Her doctoral dissertation examines the intersecting identities of religion and gun ownership and the subsequent effects on policy preferences and the policy process itself.


While Abbie's scholarship currently focuses on the relationship between religion and gun ownership, her research interests extend beyond this area. She has several forthcoming publications concerning morality policy, religion's role in shaping public policy attitudes, and new methodological approaches to studying interest groups. Her general interest in how identity shapes public opinion, political participation, and the policy process itself extends to other distinct groups in America. She has a unique interest in studying foster youth and has explored both the role of policy in caring for the orphan and the role of civil institutions; she has studied racial resentment and the relationship between identities and attitudes toward policy; and she has studied responses to mass shootings in the United States. She hopes to continue these avenues of work in the future. 

When she's not teaching or researching, you can find Abbie drinking copious amounts of coffee, hanging out with her husband Travis, or exploring her hometown of Kansas City. She's especially happy when those three things are happening at the same time. She loves to talk to anybody and everybody about politics, religion, and college sports. 

Office hours

Monday and Friday11:30-12:30pm
Wednesday11:30-12:30pm; 3:30-4:30pm

Additional open hours and appointments can be arranged, on request.


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