Welcoming New Americans in Kent County Survey, Gateways for Growth

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  • Sent: June 3, 2019
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CSR’s Research Specialist, Joanna Bascom, presented an update to the Gateways for Growth committee.

CSR’s Research Specialist, Joanna Bascom, presented an update to the Gateways for Growth committee on May 29th regarding the survey of New Americans in Kent County. This survey will be open through the end of June 2019, and community listening sessions will begin this summer for 35 local organizations to learn how to better welcome and foster belonging for our New Americans. So far, over 500 community members from 54 countries of origin have responded, but we need even more representation, so please encourage your refugee and immigrant friends to take it!

More info on this initiative:

  • Our community is part of a national initiative called Gateways for Growth that seeks to help better integrate immigrants and refugees in their local communities. 54 cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, Akron, and Tulsa have gone before us, examining first the local economic impact of New Americans, and then developing strategies to create more belonging through a local Welcome Plan.
  •  A first step in the Welcome Plan is listening to the voice and experiences of immigrants and refugees in Greater Grand Rapids by sharing this survey. The results help us understand gaps in services and barriers to accessing services. It also confirms what we are doing well and what priorities or initiatives would be most important to New Americans (you) going forward.
  •  Who should take this? Anyone who identifies as an immigrant or refugee, regardless of when they arrived, their immigration status, or if they were born here. The survey is completely anonymous, and is for those 18 years or older. Your voice matters! Please share!

Here is the survey link: https://calvin.co1.qualtrics.com/j…/form/SV_8D4a3zbokf71xvT…


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