Deisy: Equipping the Potential

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  • Sent: October 4, 2018
  • Expires: October 4, 2020

Calvin Rehab's new AAC program is helping clients fulfill their potential through evaluations, client education, and serving the underserved.

Deisy is such a delight! This spunky 16 year old was referred to our clinic by a family friend. Deisy comes from a bilingual home and has a wonderful, supportive family. She has a lot going for her!

Deisy does have significant obstacles that she’s dealing with which limit her speech intelligibility and ability to communicate her most basic needs. This understandably leads to frustration for Deisy, because she can’t tell others that she’s in pain or that she needs to find a restroom.  

Deisy had shown great communication potential using a low-tech system of pictures, despite that system being slow and cumbersome. After being introduced to using an iPad and a special application called LAMP: Words for Life, Deisy made it clear that she has plenty to share. Her favorite request is to ask the adults around her to “tornado,” which means to spin around. This girl has a sense of humor! Like 16-year-old girls everywhere, Deisy has lots to say, and she loves talking about her friends and teachers.

She’s also a big fan of  “Frozen,” and had the whole team spellbound during her initial evaluation when she opened YouTube on the iPad, navigated her way to a video, and sang along in her own way to “Let It Go.” The huge smile on her face when we all applauded at the end was priceless!

This young lady is so lovable, and we can’t wait to hear more of what she has to say! She’s creative, energetic, and to no one’s surprise, she loved having her picture taken!  There’s so much potential to be unlocked here, and we believe that AAC could be the key. It has been amazing to watch Deisy find her “voice.”

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